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New Study Finds Factors Affecting Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic


New study finds factors affecting pregnancy during COVID-19 pandemic. At the height of COVID-19, what causes anxiety and depression in pregnant women?

New Study Finds Factors Affecting Pregnancy During COVID-19 Pandemic
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According to a new meta-analysis, unemployment, financial difficulties, and a perceived decline in general support led to higher anxiety and depression burden in pregnant women during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. 

Researchers used the CNKI, Embase, and PubMed databases to conduct pooled analyses of 17 studies including 15,050 pregnant women. Those who felt a general drop-in general support were 10% more likely than controls to experience worry (odds ratio [OR], 1.10, 95 percent confidence interval [CI], 1.03–1.17).

Concerns about the family's annual income (OR, 1.32, 95 percent CI, 1.20–1.46) and smoking during pregnancy (OR, 3.00, 95 percent CI, 1.77–5.09) were also found to be significant anxiety risk factors.

A perceived loss in general support (OR, 1.06, 95 percent CI, 1.03–1.10), worry about family finances (OR, 1.76, 95 percent CI, 1.24–2.50), and smoking during pregnancy (OR, 2.91, 95 percent CI, 2.04–4.16) all increased the chance of depression.

Additionally, education level (OR, 1.41, 95 percent CI, 1.10–1.81), working status during pregnancy (OR, 1.68, 95 percent CI, 1.25–2.25), chronic illness (OR, 2.10, 95 percent CI, 1.13–3.90), and disobeying isolation protocols (OR, 1.05, 95 percent CI, 1.05–1.05) were found to be indicators of depression in pregnant women. 

"Since the proliferation of COVID-19 over the world, the prevalence of anxiety and depression in pregnant women has greatly grown, and this may have a considerable negative impact on the offspring," the researchers added. 

"Our meta-analysis identified several risk variables for mental health in pregnant women," they said, "and [indicated] that mental health interventions in pregnant women during the COVID-19 pandemic might comprise targeted techniques individually."

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