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Implant Breast Augmentation Safe in Transgender Individuals Study Suggests

According to a recent study, implant-based breast augmentation surgeries are safe in transgender people, with minimal risks of long-term reoperations and problems.

Implant Breast Augmentation Safe in Transgender Individuals Study Suggests
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527 transgender women and nonbinary people took part in the study, all of whom had breast augmentation. The researchers discovered an upward trend in median implant size over an 11.2-year clinical follow-up period, going from 275 cc in 1990 to 375 cc in 2010–2019 (p0.01).

Short-term problems were infrequent, according to the researchers, in terms of safety. Infection (n=2; 0.4 percent) and hematoma (n=2; 0.4 percent) were the most common.

Capsular contracture (n=26; 4.9 percent) and implant rupture (n=30; 5.7 percent) were the most common long-term problems, occurring after an average of 6.84.7 and 12.96.5 years, respectively. After several reoperations and the use of various prostheses, one patient developed implant-related anaplastic large-cell lymphoma.

Notably, five people (0.9%) had transitional regret after breast augmentation, with three of them opting for explantation. Another patient required explantation because to a rupture that happened before the documented date of remorse.

The researchers concluded that "the prevalence of short- and long-term problems after implant-based breast augmentation in transgender women and nonbinary individuals is acceptable," implying that "the treatment may be considered safe."


Source: J Plast Reconstr Aesthet Surg 2021;74:3158-3167

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