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Adults With Multiple Sclerosis Can Benefit From a Healthy Diet

According to a study, persons with multiple sclerosis (MS) who have a healthier overall diet and consume more fiber, fruit, and vegetables had better health outcomes than those who forgo dairy and meat or follow a specific MS diet.

A Healthy Balanced Diet Can Help Benefit People with Multiple Sclerosis According A Study
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In this cross-sectional investigation, the authors wanted to look at the dietary habits of Australians with MS and see if they had any links to health outcomes. They used data from the Australian MS Longitudinal Study's 2016 survey, which included the Dietary Habits Questionnaire, Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, Assessment of Quality of Life, Fatigue Severity Scale, Patient-Determined Disease Steps Scale, and the 13 MS Symptoms Scale. In order to create regression models, directed acyclic graphs were used.

Nearly all of the 1,490 participants (94.3%) said they tried to eat well, with 21.2 percent saying they followed one or more specific diets, but not religiously. Overall, 7.9% of people said they didn't eat meat, 8.1 percent said they didn't eat dairy, and 4.0 percent said they didn't eat anything at all.

A higher diet score was linked to improved mental, physical, and overall quality of life, as well as lower depressive pain scores and fewer cognitive, vision, and gastrointestinal symptoms. Furthermore, higher reported fiber, fruit, vegetable, and healthy fat scores were linked to a variety of health outcomes.

"Prospective dietary studies are required to learn more about whether dietary change is achievable and how it affects health outcomes over time," the authors noted.

Source: Eur J Clin Nutr 2021;75:1506-1514

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