Severity of Constipation Indicates Progression to Dementia In People with Parkinson’s Disease

A study has found that individuals recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease (PD), the presence and severity of constipation may be indicative of subsequent progression to dementia.

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Analysis utilized the data from the Parkinson’s Incidence Cohorts Collaboration or PICC and involved 465 patients diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease. Of these patients, 97 or 20.9% of whom had ‘minor’ constipation, 55 or 11.8% had ‘major’ constipation, and 313 or 67.3% did not report any constipation at baseline.

Comparing it with those in the minor constipation and control groups, patients with major constipation had higher baseline Movement Disorders Society-Unified Parkinson’s Disease Rating Scale or MDS-UPDRS-III score. Hoehn and Yahr (H&Y) stage and age were also higher in the major than the control group.

Through 8 years of follow-up from PD diagnosis, dementia, postural instability, and death occurred more rapidly in patients with more severe constipation at baseline, using the Kaplan-Meier survival analysis.

Mean time to dementia was 6 years in the major constipation group, 7.1 years in the minor constipation group, and 7.5 years in the control group. The corresponding average time to developing H&Y score >3 and death was 5.5 and 8.7 years in the major constipation group, 6.4 and 9.7 years in the minor constipation group, and 6.9 and 10 years in the control group.

With multivariable cox regression analysis, it confirmed a significant relationship between constipation severity and progression to dementia, but not postural instability or death.

Outcomes suggest that early constipation and correlation translocation of bacterial products into the circulation may play an important role in the cognitive decline in Parkinson’s Disease.


Source: NPJ Parkinsons Dis 2021;7:45


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