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Fermented Soy Products Reduce Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Women, Study Shows

A recent study in Japan has discovered that fermented soy products may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or CVD, particularly in women.

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Experts performed a population-based prospective group study including 79,648 individuals, aged 45-74 years old, 42,788 were women, who had no history of stroke, cancer, or myocardial infarction. Food frequency questionnaire was used to evaluate dietary intake, and study endpoints were CVD incidence and total cancer.

Participants were divided into quartiles of intake showed that higher consumption of fermented soy products drove down the risk of cardiovascular disease in women. No such effect was reported for cancer.

The  analysis had been adjusted for age, smoking status, alcohol intake, body mass index or BMI, physical activity, and dietary patterns of various food types.

Fermented soy products have protective effect on CVD risk was driven by both miso, and natto. Total soy consumption as well as intake of nonfermented soy products had no apparent effect on CVD or cancer risk.

Particularly, men drew no such benefit from any of the dietary parameters. Neither the overall consumption of fermented soy products nor of its subtypes, miso, and natto, had any significant impact on CVD risk.

According to researchers, that the study with follow-up of more than 15 years, may provide the best evidence for a direct association between fermented soy products and the incidence of CVD and total cancer given that a randomized control trial to test the same hypothesis would not be feasible with regard to either cost or time.


Source: Eur J Clin Nutr 2021;75:954-968

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