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Elderly Frail Patients at Higher Risk of Mortality with COVID-19, Study Reveals

A recent study has revealed that the risk of death from the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 appears to be higher among elderly frail patients.

Photo: Elderly Frail Patient at High Risk of COVID-19 Mortality | InStyleHealth

“Frailty assessment may help to guide prognosis and individualized care planning, but data relating frailty status to patient-reported outcomes are urgently needed to provide a more comprehensive overview of outcomes relevant to older adults,” according to researchers.

Researchers retrieved 52 studies, generating from Google Scholar and Google Web Search, that investigated the correlations between COVID-19 outcomes and frailty. The cumulative sample included 118,373 patients, in whom the primary outcome of mortality was evaluated. The secondary outcomes included delirium, intensive care admission, and need for ventilation.

There were 37 studies reported mortality as an outcome. The pooled analysis including only those with confounder adjustment revealed that frailty nearly doubled the risk of mortality in COVID-19 patients.

Also, frailty associated with the likelihood of delirium, intensive care admissions, and mechanical ventilation. None of the analyses for secondary outcomes were adjusted for confounders.

Regarding quality, only 10 of the included studies had lower risk of bias; 27 and 15 had moderate, or high or unclear risks of bias, correspondingly. Main contributors to bias were issues regarding confounding, reporting, and statistical analysis.


Source: J Am Geriatr Soc 2021;doi:10.1111/jgs.17299

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