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Young Adults Born Through Caesarean Delivery Tend to Have Higher Blood Pressure, Study Finds

A recent study in Thailand has discovered that young adults born through caesarean section (CS) delivery tend to have higher blood pressure.

Young Adults Born Through Caesarean Delivery Tend to Have Higher Blood Pressure, Study Finds
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The researchers evaluated blood pressure in 57 young adults, generating from a birth study group in Chiang Mai, who were born by CS and in 575 vaginally delivered controls. The participants were born from 1989 – 1990 and assessments were facilitated at 2010, when they were around 20 years old. The other variables of interest were fasting blood sugar, lipid profile, carotid intima-media thickness, and anthropometric factors.

The blood pressure had a significant difference between participants born through CS or normal delivery. Systolic blood pressure, for example, was 6.2-mm Hg higher in the former group, a difference that attained statistical significance. Same was true for diastolic blood pressure (3.2-mm Hg difference) and average arterial pressure (4.1-mm Hg difference).

With covariates adjusted, reduced these differences, especially for diastolic blood pressure, which apparently became statistically comparable between the groups. Systolic blood pressure and mean arterial pressure remained significantly higher in CS participants.

Furthermore, rates of systolic prehypertension and hypertension appeared to be much higher in young adults born through CS than in those who were born vaginally. Turns out CS participants were nearly twice as likely to develop abnormal blood pressure.

The other metabolic risk factors like anthropometry, lipid profile, glucose metabolism, and obesity did not have significant difference between the subject groups.


Source: Sci Rep 2021;11:10201
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