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High Dose of Vitamin D Helps Suppressing Inflammation in COVID-19 Patients

A recent study has discovered that targeted high-dose daily supplementation with vitamin D appears to improve the outcomes of the novel coronavirus disease or COVID-19 and can be safely incorporated into care protocols.

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There were 87 consenting COVID-19 patients with hypovitaminosis D were enrolled and randomized into the vitamin D and control groups. The former received Pulse D therapy, involving supplementation with 60,000 IU of vitamin D per day for 8-10 days, while the latter underwent standard therapy. The impact of the Pulse D on inflammatory markers was evaluated.

With the VD group, the average serum levels of vitamin D jumped from 16+6 ng/mL before the intervention to 89+32 after. Similarly, levels of inflammatory markers have significantly dropped: C-reactive protein, lactate dehydrogenase, and the interleukin-6.

Also, the concentrations of ferritin have decreased significantly from pre- to post-intervention (431 to 335 ng/mL), as did the ratio between neutrophils and lymphocytes (5 to 3).

On the other hand, participants in the NVD group saw no significant change in any of the serum parameters being evaluated, except for CRP, which dropped from 11 mg/L at baseline to 5 mg/L after the intervention period.

With all the markers tested, the change values in the VD group were significantly greater in magnitude than that in the NVD group.

Regarding safety, the experts found no adverse reaction attributable to vitamin D supplementation, and serum calcium levels in the VD group remained within normal limits.


Source: Sci Rep 2021;11:10641

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