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Frequent Consumption of Sugar-Sweetened Soda Increases Risk of Death in Breast Cancer Patients, Study Reveals

A recent study reveals that frequent consumption of sugar-sweetened soda contributes to an increased risk of death from any cause or due to breast cancer in women.

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Research used the data from the Western New York Exposures and Breast Cancer Study and included 927 women with incident, invasive breast cancer. All of them completed dietary recall using a food frequency questionnaire to assess the frequency of sugar-sweetened soda consumption.

It was more than of the breast cancer patients died (54.7%) over an average follow-up of 18.7 years, as established via the National Death Index. Women who frequently drank sugary beverages were more likely to have reduced survival compared with abstainers or those did not drink sugary sodas.

By utilizing the multivariable cox proportional hazards models, it revealed that comparing it with never/rarely sugar-sweetened soda intake, consumption frequency of >5 times per week conferred an increased risk of both total mortality and breast cancer-specific mortality.

With the subgroup analyses, the risk of total mortality correlated with frequent sugar-sweetened consumption was evident among ER-positive but not ER-negative patients, among women with body mass index (BMI) above but not below the median, and among premenopausal but not postmenopausal women.

According to researchers, the current data support the existing guidelines to lower the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, including for women with a diagnosis of breast cancer.


Source: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2021;doi:10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-20-1242

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