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Fenofibrate Provides Cardiovascular Benefits in Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

A study has revealed that the use of fenofibrate provides cardiovascular benefits similar to that of statins and may even delay the need for permanent dialysis in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease. Furthermore, the combination of fenofibrate and high-intensity statins may deliver added benefits.

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Researchers conducted a national cohort study based on Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database to compare outcomes among advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients treated with fenofibrate, statins, a combination of both, and none of those.

Patients whose age is <20 years with advanced CKD were included and further divided into four groups according to treatment provided: they received fenofibrate, statins, combination therapy, or none in 3 months preceding the disease. Inverse probability of treatment weighting was utilized to balance baseline characteristics. Results or outcomes measured were as follows: CV death, all-cause mortality, and incidence of permanent dialysis.

Risk of cardiovascular death was lower in the fenofibrate and statin groups compared with the non-user group. Users of fenofibrate also showed the lowest incidence of permanent dialysis.

Moreover, the combined administration of fenofibrate and high-intensity statins resulted in a reduced risk of major adverse cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.


Source: J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2021;106:1594-1605

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