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Extensive Use of Hydrolyzed Casein Formula with Probiotics Prevent Atopic Manifestations in Children, Study Finds

A recent study has found that the use of extensively hydrolyzed casein formula containing probiotic lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (EHCF + LGG) for the treatment of cow’s milk allergy (CMA) in children also appears to suppress other atopic manifestations.

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Experts performed a prospective analysis of 365 children with suspected immunoglobulin E-mediated CMA. Participants had been placed on a substitutive formula: EHCF + LGG, rice hydrolyzed, soy, amino acid-based, and extensively hydrolyzed whey (EWHF) formula. Each formula was taken by 73 participants. Main outcome was at least one atopic manifestation at 36 months.

The incidence of atopic manifestations was lowest in the EHCF + LGG group, and highest among those taking amino acid-based formula. Binomial regression model found that the latter formula increased the risk of the main outcome by more than three times relative to the former.

Particularly, all other substitutions generated significantly higher risk estimates of atopic manifestations compared with EHCF + LGG.

Rice hydrolyzed, for instance, and soy formulas, along with EWHF all increased the likelihood of atopic manifestations by more than twice, as compared with EHCF + LGG.

According to researchers that this study performed in a well-characterized population of children with CMA shows that EHCF + LGG could be effective in preventing the allergic march and in accelerating the time of immune tolerance acquisition.

Source: J Pediatr 2021;232:183-191.e3

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