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Vegetarian Diet at Higher Risk of Depression, Study Suggests

A recent study suggests that following a vegetarian diet are at higher risk of depression.

Research conducted was based on a meta-analysis of observational studies investigating average levels of depression and risk of depression in vegetarians compared with non-vegetarians.

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Using the random-effects model, estimated pooled data showed that adherence to a vegetarian diet conferred a 53% increase in risk of depression comparing it with omnivore diets.

For the subgroup analysis, a correlation between vegetarian diet and depression differed by the type of diet and country where the study was performed. Particularly, the correlation was clear for a semi-vegetarian diet and in studies conducted in Europe and the United States.

Meanwhile, there was a null correlation for the lacto-ovo vegetarians and in studies conducted in Asian countries.

Comparing average depression scores, there was no evidence of difference between vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Overall, the findings were not solid. Therefore, experts suggested that additional studies are required to determine the correlation between vegetarian diet and risk of depression.


Source: Nutr Rev 2021;doi:10.1093/nutrit/nuab013
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