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Survivors of Complicated Urinary Tract Infection Are Commonly Readmitted for Recurrent UTI, Study Reveals

A recent study has revealed that survivors of complicated urinary tract infection (UTI) are commonly readmitted for recurrent UTI, usually related to other medical conditions that require urinary interventions.

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Researchers performed a retrospective analysis of 742 survivors, with average age of 68 years old, 43.3% were men, of cUTI. The findings of interest were 60-day hospital readmission, and patient’s medical records were accessed for pertinent information, such as demographic factors, infection management, and clinical and microbiological data.

Generally, 149 survivors needed to be readmitted within 60 days of index hospitalization, while the remaining 593 did not need readmission. Former group happened to be predominantly male and older, as well as were more likely to report having had UTI in the previous year. Most common reason for readmission was recurrent cUTI (46.4%).

Utilizing the multivariable analysis confirmed that older age was a significant risk factor for 60-day readmission, with the possibility of increasing by 2% for each additional year increase in age. UTI in the prior year was likewise confirmed as a risk factor.

Particularly, medical interventions involving the urinary tract, such as the insertion of percutaneous nephrostomy and of an indwelling bladder catheter, emerged to have a strong correlation with 60-day hospital readmission. The same is true for cancer.

The researchers said that these findings suggest that anatomic abnormalities or dysfunction of the urinary tract are major risk factors of readmission.

For full details of the clinical study by the research group, click here.


Source: Sci Rep 2021;11:6926

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