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Respimat Inhaler Use Instructional Videos Found on YouTube Are Missing Key Steps, Study Finds

According to a study there are several videos demonstrating Respimat Soft mist inhaler technique available on YouTube, however, some key steps are missing, stating that comprehensive and repetitive patient education should be given and supported with reputable sources available online.

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The authors of the study said, “Consumers are involved more than ever in their healthcare, with many utilizing the internet for health information.”

“Proper technique is crucial for patients to achieve optimal results from inhaled medications,” according to experts.

The authors of this study searched the online video platform, YouTube, on 16th May 2018 using the term ‘Respimat inhaler’ and evaluated the first 35 videos in English with instructions for usage. Authors also reviewed and assessed the technical quality of each video using a validated scale and the content using manufacturer or package insert available.

Average timeframe of the videos was 2.50 minutes. Thirty-four videos or 97% had general public as their target audience, and 24 (70%) of the videos were uploaded by a professional organization.  Furthermore, 70% of the videos received a maximum quality score of 5 in the assessment.

On the other hand, certain steps were missing – the most common was the documentation of the discard date (74%), repetitive dose activation until spray is visible (49%), and pointing the inhaler to the back of the throat (43%).

The authors of the study remarked, “YouTube is a convenient and vast source of health education videos.”

“Pharmaceutical companies, health organizations, providers, and others post instructional videos for the use of the Respimat Soft Mist Inhaler device on sites like YouTube.”

For the complete details of the study, click here.

Source: J Pharm Pract 2021;34:40-43

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