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People with Asthma Faces Higher Cancer Risk, Study Reveals

A recent study reveals that the risk of developing cancer appears to be higher among people with asthma.

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The study derived from two independent, population-based, longitudinal Korean groups: National Health Insurance Service-National Sample Cohort (NHIS-NSC), an unmatched sample including 475,197 individuals; and the Ansan-Ansung group, which involved 5,440 individuals.

Following propensity score matching, the NHIS-NSC shrunk down to 75,307 individuals, of whom 6,885 had asthma and 68,442 did not. The average follow-up years of 7.6 year, there were 3,687 incident cases of cancer were recorded, 549 of which occurred in individuals who had newly diagnosed asthma.

Respective cancer incidence rates in those individuals with versus without asthma were 10.69 and 6.02 per 1000 person-years. Using the cox proportional hazards regression analyses, this projected to a 75% increase in cancer risk following full adjustments for variables.

The competing risk analysis of mortality has slightly weakened the impact of asthma; however, this did not completely attenuate the situation.

Classifying according to the time of asthma diagnosis, the experts found that cancer risk was highest >5 years after the asthma diagnosis in a person, though nevertheless remained significantly increased within 3 years after the diagnosis of the illness.

The researchers of the study, particularly, saw that a high cumulative dose of inhaled corticosteroids exerted a significantly protective effect against lung cancer; however not on the overall risk of developing any tumor malignancy.

Meanwhile, analyzing the data from the Ansan-Ansung group came out to be consistent with the core findings from the NHIS-NSC group. For more details of the study, click here.


Source: J Allerg Clin Immunol 2021;147:135-143

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