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High Sugar Consumption Increases Risk of Cancer, Study Finds

A recent study suggests that avoiding sugar in the diet may help prevent cancer, specifically breast cancer.

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“Excessive sugar intake is now recognized as a key risk factor for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases,” the researchers said.

According to the authors, “Experimental data suggest that sugars could play a role in cancer etiology through obesity but also through inflammatory and oxidative mechanisms and insulin resistance, even in the absence of weight gain.”

There was a total of 101,279 participants aged >18 years with an average age of 40.8 years from the French NutriNet-Santé prospective group study (2009 – 2019) were covered in this research with a median follow-up time of 5.9 years.

The study which sought to evaluate the correlations between total and added sugar intake and cancer risk (generally, breast and prostate cancers0, while taking into account sugar types and sources.

With the repeated and validated 24-hour dietary records, designed to register participants’ usual intake for >3,500 food and beverage items, were utilized to evaluate the sugar intake among participants.

Utilizing the cox proportional hazard models which was adjusted for known confounders (i.e., sociodemographic, anthropometric, lifestyle, medical history, and nutritional factors) were used to examine the correlations between sugar consumption and risk of cancer.

Based on the evaluation the total sugar intake is correlated with higher overall cancer risk, particularly the risk for breast cancer was most increased. The correlations remained significant even after adjusting the weight gain during the follow-up period.

Furthermore, significant correlations with cancer risk were found for added sugars, free sugars, sucrose, sugars from milk-based desserts, dairy products, and sugary drinks or beverages. For complete details of the study click here.


Source: Am J Clin Nutr 2020;112:1267-1279

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