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Elevated Serum Uric Acid Levels A Warning Signal for Hip Fracture Risk, Study Reveals

A recent study has revealed that elevated serum uric acid (SUA) levels can be a warning signal for the risk of developing hip fractures at >50 years especially among men.

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Experts gathered baseline data on the SUA levels and covariates (e.g., age, body mass index, blood pressure, smoking status, diabetes, triglycerides, and cholesterol) from 185,397 participants during a medical prevention program from 1985-2005 in Vorarlberg, Austria. Information regarding cancer and end-stage kidney disease was drawn from the records.

There were 42,488 women and 35,908 men covered in the analysis, with the main output measure being incident hip fracture occurring >50 years of age during the observation period between 2003 – 2013.

With each unit in SUA level increase, the risk of female hip fracture increased by 6%. As anticipated, the risk was also significantly elevated in the highest versus the lowest SUA quartile, though not at hypouricemic (>5.7 mg/dl) vs normouricemic (<5.7 mg/dl) levels.

Meanwhile, the risk of hip fracture among men rose by 15% per unit increase in SUA level, and the risk was also significant in the highest vs lowest quartile, as well as at the hypouricemic (>7.0 mg/dl) vs normouricemic (<7.0 mg/dl). For complete details of the study, click here.


Source: Maturitas 2021;doi:10.1016/j.maturitas.2021.03.005

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