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Dysmenorrhea a Possible Risk Factor for Chronic Pain Development, Study Finds

Dysmenorrhea is a possible risk factor for chronic pain development among women during their menstrual period, according to a recent study.

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Researchers utilized data from the National Midlife in the United States group, which involved 874 community-dwelling women aged 25 – 74 years at baseline when dysmenorrhea was evaluated. All of the women participants were followed for 10 years for the development of chronic pain monitoring.

Modified Poisson regression models controlled for sociodemographic, lifestyle, and psychological factors, were applied by researchers to evaluate the correlations. Results revealed that among women who were having menstruation at baseline, self-reported dysmenorrhea suggested a 41% increase of possibility of developing chronic pain.

Moreover, women with dysmenorrhea were more likely to experience chronic pain in more body regions as well as greater pain interference. For those women who had already undergone menopause at baseline, there was no evidence of a correlation between their history of dysmenorrhea and ensuing risk of chronic pain development.

Results support the temporality of dysmenorrhea and chronic pain development. Therefore, early management of dysmenorrhea may benefit women and minimize the risk of and severity of chronic pain. However, further research is necessary to verify whether dysmenorrhea is causal risk factor or a risk marker of chronic pain in women.

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Source: J Pain 2021;doi:10.1016/j.jpain.2021.03.139

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