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Antibiotic Treatment Helps Fight Chronic Endometritis, Study Finds

A study has found that chronic endometritis (CE) is infectious in nature and thus benefits from antibiotics treatment.

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Research included 64 consecutive women with chronic endometritis who received antibiotic treatment and another 64 CE patients who refused antibiotics therapy (control group). CE was diagnosed using hysteroscopy, histology, and immunohistochemistry for CD138.

What is chronic endometritis?

Chronic endometritis (CE) is a medical condition involving the breakdown of the co-existence between microorganisms and the host immune system in the endometrium. Majority of chronic endometritis cases produce no visible signs or mild symptoms.

The patients were tested twice for chronic endometritis to evaluate the cure rate in both cohorts. Antibiotics were selected based on the endometrial culture with antibiogram, with treatment repeated up to 3 times for patients with persistent illness.

For the antibiotic group, chronic endometritis (CE) resolution occurred after a single treatment cycle in 20 patients, after two cycles in 20 patients, and after three cycles in 12 patients. CE, however, persisted in 12 patients.

Preliminary results of cumulative cure rate of CE were much higher among patients who received antibiotics versus those who did not receive antibiotics. The same was true when comparing a single antibiotic cycle and no treatment.

Notably, the number of positive cases plummeted across all testing modalities between the first and second assessment. During the third assessment, however, a decrease was seen only with hysteroscopy and CD138+ cell count but not with histology. The cumulative number of cases of CE diagnosed utilizing hysteroscopy was found to be significantly higher than with histology and immunohistochemistry.

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Source: Fertil Steril 2021;doi:10.1016/j.fertnstert.2021.01.018

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