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Belly Fat and Large Waist Circumference Increases Risk in Vertebral Fracture, Study Finds

A new study about the abdominal obesity contributes to an increased risk of developing vertebral fracture (VF) in men. On the other hand, women with large waist circumference (WC) also contribute to a risk increase of developing vertebral fracture.

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The study included 352,095 individuals from the Korean National Health Insurance System. Participants were mostly on average age of 40 years old who underwent health checkups between 2009 and 2012.

During 5 ½ years of follow-up, a total of 2,030 and 4,968 new cases of vertebral fracture (VF) were recorded in men and women respectively. The analysis revealed that men with abdominal obesity versus men without abdominal obesity had an elevated risk of vertebral fracture.

Meanwhile, women with higher waist circumference (WC) had an increased risk of developing the vertebral fracture compared with those women with lesser or without large waist circumference.

In view of the findings from the study, it is suggested that trimming the waist circumference in women and controlling abdominal obesity among men will be beneficial in reducing future vertebral fracture (VF) risk.

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