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Antioxidants Improves Grip Strength and Gait Speed in Adults, Experts Say

Antioxidants improves grip strength and gait speed in adults, experts say.

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A recent study shows that greater intake of antioxidants can contribute to an increase in grip strength and gait speed in adults in the long run.

“Lower antioxidant serum concentrations have been linked to declines in lean mass and physical function in older adults,” according to researchers.

The study included participants with an average age of 61 years and with a valid food frequency questionnaire at the index examination and up to two prior examinations, with two or more measures of grip strength and gait speed assessed over three subsequent experimentation, were incorporated in this prospective group study.

The researchers used annualized change in grip strength and in gait speed over the follow-up period.

Higher intakes of carotenoids, lycopene, and lutein plus zeaxanthin in adults under study revealed higher annualized change in grip strength. Except for vitamin C, all antioxidants attributed to faster gait speed in adults.

According to researchers these findings highlight -- The need for a randomized controlled trial of dietary antioxidants and their effect on muscle strength and physical function.

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