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What Really Causes Teenage Acne?

When boys and girls hit their early teen years, they are at greater risk for acne or pimple breakouts. This happens when the oil glands in the body start over-producing sebum – skin oil that can resemble grease.


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Your body sheds dead skin cells constantly, which adds to the problem, and some people have “sticky” skin cells that don’t shed normally. These dead skin cells just remain attached to the skin. People who have acne, these are excess skin cells mix with the sebum that clog up the hair follicles in the facial skin.


There are quite a few myths surrounding about what really causes acne. Okay let’s straighten out some of it right now…


Dirt does not cause acne. A blackhead may look like dirt plugging one of your pores, but that is not the cause. The sebum and dead skin cells mixed together and sometimes rise to the opening of the pore. But the real culprit is still deep inside the pore.


You can enjoy your chocolate cravings and French Fries. Indulging in these favorites do not increase the production of sebum in the skin.


Some of you may have been told that sexual activity or masturbation can cause acne…It’s Not True.


So, who gets more acne? Although both boys and girls can get acne, it’s more likely to be worse in boys because their bodies produce more skin oils than girls.


Surprisingly enough, one’s immune system can come into play as well making you extra sensitive to the bacteria that get trapped in the hair follicles of your skin.


What can make acne worse? If you wear or use makeup, suntan products or hair products that contain oil they can add to the pore-clogging problem. Also being under stress like struggling with grades, applying to colleges, or even dating pressures can increase the acne breakouts.


During a girl’s monthly period, hormone levels may produce more sebum in the skin which can make pimple breakouts even worse.


Also, beware of the sun, because not only it can damage your skin and cause premature aging, it can also cause pimples.


Keeping your skin clean is an essential part of preventing at the same time treating acne breakouts, remember to be gentle on your skin. Which means no hard scrubbing, no picking or squeezing the zits. You just need to use gentle facial wash to remove oils and dirt or simply a germicidal soap and clean water will do the trick.

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